Beyond the Ropes: Unique Team Building Challenges Program

All the benefits of a low ropes course without the restrictions!

The following activities simulate low ropes course elements, but trees and cables aren’t necessary. As an added bonus, most challenges can be done indoors or out and therefore all year long. You only need a flat grassy field or suitable indoor space at Interlaken, some brainstorming and creative thinking by your team members, and the desire to have a challenging fun time!

  • Chasm Crossing (Fitness Level: mild)
    This challenge requires the team to devise a way to travel from one side of the “chasm” to the other using only the planks given to them. No single plank is sufficient to bridge the gap and the solution is not as obvious as it may appear. The team will require patience, planning, and cooperation to achieve a successful outcome.
  • Ski Trek (Fitness Level: mild to medium)
    Teams must move across 30 feet without touching the grass only using supplied materials in a unique configuration. The team will require problem solving, consensus, and interactive teamwork.
  • Cat’s Cradle
    The kid’s game comes to life for adults with an 80’ rope! Great for planning, execution, role clarity, and fun!
  • Balloon Chair Challenge (Fitness Level: mild)
    Hot air is required as balloons are blown up and a chair for one is built by the team. There are changes to deal with!
  • Beach Ball Blast (Fitness Level: mild)
    Sounds easy to keep a beach ball afloat at all times, but throw in some specifications (or changes) and it becomes way more challenging!

Price per person: $75 for groups of 25 or more.
Smaller groups are individually priced plus 19% Service Charge and 6.35% Sales Tax

*Portable Spider’s Web (Fitness Level: high)
The team are given the task of passing each team member through the various shaped holes of the human-sized web without coming into contact with a single strand of the web. Once a space is used, the opening is no longer available to the rest of the team. A great deal of trust and “full team” planning is needed for successful completion.

Advanced challenge subject to an additional fee

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