3 Reasons We Love Winter Weddings at the Interlaken Inn

Today, Taylor & Brian are celebrating their first anniversary and we are reminded how much we adore winter weddings! As a wedding venue, we pride ourselves on having everything couples need to create their dream wedding weekend experience, no matter what time of year they are looking to tie the knot. Given that our property is full of outdoor recreation, we get an influx of weddings in the spring and summer seasons- but there is something super special about winter weddings at the Interlaken Inn. 

Cozy Accommodations 

During the time of year when snow and ice are prevalent, having accommodations for guests provides peace of mind for planning and safety. When the accommodations are here at the Interlaken, your guests will enjoy cozy rooms (some of which are complete with fireplaces and hot tubs) and the picturesque setting of New England in the winter.  Plus, our rooms have all the amenities and space needed to get ready for the occasion without having to leave property at all! 

In between wedding events, we have plenty for guests to do like movies in the screening room (available for private bookings), ping pong tournaments and board games in the game room, etc. We have ample indoor space for you and your guests to stay warm and enjoy the time together! 

A Quieter Season

In addition to being busier with weddings over the summer, we are also have tourists and families who visit our property for their annual vacations, reunions, retreats, etc. So, when you book your wedding in the winter you will enjoy a quieter time at the inn that will allow you to have more choice when it comes to accommodations, spaces, and activities. Plus, your guests will be able to be more present and enjoy your wedding when it is not back to back with others like it could be in the summer. 

Furthermore, our winter wedding packages are offered at a more moderate price- meaning you can take the money saved and spend it on more details for your weekend! 

Beautiful Photos You will Love Forever

The evergreen trees scattered around our property ensure that even in the winter, you will have a lush green background in your photos. The lake looks stunning when it is slightly iced over and nothing beats the reflection of winter sun for lighting! The pictures taken at winter weddings are some of the most timeless yet unique photos we see from our weddings. Plus, photographers will likely have more availability during the winter months so you can have your pick of the best without the stress! Plus, they’ll be able to provide more time and care to your wedding photos - making them something that will not only stand out, you will cherish them for years to come!


Book your Winter Wedding at the Interlaken Inn 

These are just three of the many advantages to a winter wedding at the interlaken inn, our wedding team is ready to answer your questions and  help you create the wedding of your dreams - during the winter months! Book a tour with us by calling anytime or email events@interlakeninn.com!

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