5 Reasons to Have a Lake Wedding in Connecticut

1. It’s Beautiful Beyond Words

First thing’s first: lake views are divine. With a glistening sparkle where the sun meets the water and lush trees in the distance, there’s no better place to say “I do.” (Not to mention the best photo ops ever.) Lake weddings are gorgeous in all seasons — winter lake weddings are especially beautiful, backdropped by picturesque mountains.

2. You’re Steps Away From the Great Outdoors

By choosing Northwestern Connecticut for your wedding venue, you’re placing yourself in the midst of the area’s most prime spots for outdoor adventure. Before or after your wedding, you can explore the scenic sights of Litchfield Hills and the Berkshires during the day, or point out constellations together on a starry night sky.

3. Ample Space For Even The Biggest Gatherings

Plan on bringing a gargantuan group to your wedding? Naturally, you’ll want to do your best to accommodate them. The open, spacious nature of a lake wedding not only allows enough elbow room between Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim, but you can also head off on a quiet, serene walk along the Wononskopomuc Lake waterfront and through scenic wooded paths.

4. The Experience is Unforgettable, Rain or Shine

Ah, rain. The bane of any wedding planner’s existence; the source of unabating worry and wonder. Try as she may, Mother Nature can’t throw a monkey-wrench in a lake wedding.

During rainfall, the lake and trees saturate to vibrant blues and greens; the air is at its freshest and the pit-pat of raindrops make a tranquil, rhythmic ambient sound. Here at the Interlaken, we know how to play the rain game and ensure that your dream wedding stays exactly that: like a dream.

5. Because Lakeside Bonfires Can’t Be Beat

With wide-open space and a country atmosphere, the stage is set for a homey, nostalgic bonfire party by the lake. Gathering around the fire with friends and family is the perfect way to spend your pre-wedding night — you’ll have all your guests talking for months to come.

We could probably go on forever about the sheer perfection of lakeside weddings. With breathtaking backdrops at Litchfield Hills and the Berkshires, Lakeville is the prime spot for a destination wedding. Here at the Interlaken Inn, we’ll do more than just be the hosts on your big day — we’ll see your lake wedding to perfection.

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