Garden Tour: Welcoming Spring Window Boxes by Buttercup Gardening

In the Spring of 2021, we met the head gardener & owner of Buttercup Gardening, Amanda Kennedy. We were immediately impressed by how well Amanda & her team created beautiful floral displays all over our property. Between them and the intricate work of Brazalee's Landscaping, The Interlaken looked better than ever for the 2021 & 2022 seasons. Now, we are excited to have our welcoming spring window boxes with each bloom offering a special message for our new season.

Lobularia: The trailing white mini flowers are known as Lobularia or Sweet Alyssum. These sweet-scented blooms are native to the Mediterranean Canary Islands and most commonly grow in rocky coastal areas. They are often used in homes or offices to symbolize protection & emotional balance- a perfect fit for our team!

Dianthus: The hot pink flowers seen in the center of the first image are known as Dianthus. They are native to Europe and Asia and are known as a quintessential cottage flower, perfect for our country inn aesthetic. They symbolize love and gratitude, two things we always hope to have on our property. 

Primrose: Potentially the staff favorite, the Primroses are the small yellow buds behind the lavender pansies. These sweet flowers are native to Southern Europe, Northwest Africa, and Southwest Asia. They symbolize renewal & optimism, making them the perfect spring flower! 

The King's CrownThe King has stood in this very spot since 1973, when the brand new main building opened up after a catastrophic fire in 1971. His mate, known as "Alice in Wonderland", stood next to him until she was whisked down the rabbit hole a few years ago. The king was known as "Fat Charlie," back in the 70s, but we mostly just call him The King. In his crown, Amanda chose baby daffodils, pansies, and hellebore. Each one represents new beginnings, love, and serenity- the perfect flowers to adorn the king! 

We have so much fun meeting these flowers and admiring the work of Buttercup Gardening. Stay tuned for more Garden Tour posts as Spring keeps blooming and we celebrate Earth Month here at The Interlaken Inn. 

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