How to Find the Perfect Place to Stay for Your Vacation

Sometimes you just need to pack your bags and free your mind! Connecticut is the perfect vacation destination, whether you are searching for outdoor recreation or indoor exploration. 

Getting to Connecticut is made easy when you use Philadelphia as a connection city for easy air travel into New Haven. 

If you do plan to do more outdoor recreation, keep in mind that the weather is at its finest during the months of October and November, along with the beautiful change in leaves. Alternatively, if you plan to do more indoor exploration, the opportunities are endless no matter the time of year. 

There are dozens of American antique shops in Connecticut, along with other unique shopping opportunities. Additionally, art museums, vineyards, breweries and day adventure activities are found everywhere throughout the state. 

Connecticut has a lot to offer, no matter the season. If you never go, you will never know!

When booking your home away from home while on vacation, there are several valuable tips and tricks that you should consider. 


While the hotel or inn rating should not be the main factor when booking your stay, it should play a pivotal role in your decision making. Choosing the perfect hotel or inn is about finding a hotel that suits the type of vacation you are searching for, such as a luxury vacation or a budget trip. 

Choose a hotel or inn with a rating that suits your requirements. At the Interlaken Inn, we have options for all visitors. Whether you are staying for one night or an entire week, we have the perfect lodging options for you and your family. 


You’ve heard it before, but we will say it again; the location is key. Ensure your hotel or inn is close enough to the airport and main attractions. There is no point in staying at a hotel or inn that is miles away from anything you actually want to see or experience. If you pick the wrong location, you may find that your stay is not as enjoyable as it could have been. 

Make sure that you check the hotel or inn is in a busy city location or a quieter, rural area depending on the main attractions you want to see. 

The location at the Interlaken Inn is opportune for those who are looking for a slice of heaven with a little peace and quiet. However, it is only a little over an hour to Hartford, making it the best of both worlds. 

This gives you the opportunity to keep nature close to your heart and keep city slicking adventures nearby and insight. 

Bedroom Requirements

Have a look at the hotel or inn website you are interested in, and see what you can expect from the bedroom you will be staying in. Are there family rooms available? Do the bedrooms have en-suites attached? Is the bed linen cotton? Consider all the things you would like in a bedroom, from the bedding to a bathtub, and determine whether the hotel or inn you are looking at offers what you want. 

At the Interlaken Inn, we have an array of bedroom options. Whether you are searching for a vintage vibe or a modern feel, we offer the right fit for you and your family, including your dog! Check out our lodging options on our website.


Your budget probably plays a huge role in the hotel or inn you will choose, however, it should not be your only consideration. When you consider the budget, you should also consider the location and the amenities. Depending on the location of your hotel or inn, you may need to spend money on transportation or additional expenses such as shampoo, etc. 

At the Interlaken Inn, we do our best to make your stay both enjoyable and affordable. Each guest receives full amenities including digital cable and flat-screen TV, high-speed WiFi, access to a coffee maker and much more. Additionally, we are located within 30 miles of an airport and an Amtrak train station. Finding an Uber or taxi to either destination is incredibly easy and our front desk staff is available to assist you. 

Services and Amenities

Before selecting the hotel or inn for your vacation, make sure you check what services they offer. Do the bedrooms have free internet access? Is there an on-site launderette? Is there a restaurant and bar on-site? What facilities does the hotel or inn offer for kids? Does the hotel or inn have a swimming pool? These are all important things to consider before making your decision!

In addition, ensure that your hotel or inn offers amenities such as alarm clocks, irons and hair dryers for guests to use when needed. 

At the Interlaken Inn, making our guests happy and comfortable is a priority and with that comes the necessity for amenities. As previously stated, each guest receives full amenities including digital cable and flat-screen TV, high-speed WiFi, access to a coffee maker and much more. If an amenity isn’t available directly in your room, you can always ask the front desk. 

As far as services, the Interlaken Inn offers an array of activities in and around the property. We are located on 30 beautiful acres and nestled between two lakes, making it the perfect location for outdoor activities and constant scenery. 


Remember, traveling is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer.

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