How To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage

At Interlaken Inn, we offer a variety of massage services that are built to help you relax and rejuvenate. Leave the kids at home, put work down for a moment, and avoid stressful situations altogether. Enjoy a top-notch massage from one of our licensed massage therapists. 

It is important to take care of yourself before your massage and after your massage. 

There are many tips and tricks worth following, and below we will provide you with the information you need to provide your body with the nourishment it requires in preparation and in healing. 

Health Benefits

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, we want to dive in and discuss the benefits of receiving a massage. The main health benefit is tension relief. Think of a massage as a soft tissue release or relaxation, and it might make more sense. Our muscles hold a lot of tension, and they become tight and begin to compress the nerves that pass through them. In turn, this causes the nerves to signal our brain and body to then experience discomfort. When you get a massage, it helps to alleviate the tension and lessen the discomfort you experience. 

Before Massage Tips

Prepare for your massage with proper care and ample time. Schedule your massage when you have a few hours to yourself. No kids, no work, and no stress. Take time to arrive a few moments early to calm your mind, drink some water and use a sauna or steam if they offer those amenities. Oftentimes, there will be neck warmers offered upon arrival. 

We recommend getting your workout in beforehand, rather than saving it for after. However, please shower before your treatment. The products that are used during your massage will be more beneficial if your skin is clean. For example, a muscle relaxer. 

After Massage Tips

Drink water. We cannot stress this enough. This will help your body naturally eliminate toxins. Many toxins are released during soft tissue work. For example, lactic acid and many other toxins that our lymphatic system is constantly working to eliminate. Avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohol following your massage, these products can create inflammation and therefore become counterintuitive. 

We highly recommend avoiding exercise or other taxing movements on your muscles. Let your body and mind relax and avoid holding on to stress-induced space as long as possible. 

Time of Day Tips

We were all made different, and each person has a preference. Some people are early birds and other people are night owls. Listen to your body and do what it is trying to tell you. After all, you know and understand yourself better than anyone else.

Talking to the Massage Therapist 

Build a relationship with your massage therapist prior to your treatment. Discuss any current or previous injuries that might be creating tension or discomfort in your body. In general, share any discomfort before and during your treatment. Your massage therapist can tailor your massage treatment to your needs. 

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