Meet the Women of The Interlaken Inn

The first owners of The Interlaken Inn, The Shaws, purchased the property and created the inn as well as our Countryside and Sunnyside buildings in 1891. By 1900, Mr. Shaw had passed away, leaving Mrs. Shaw to successfully run the inn by herself for 34 years. 

Then, in 1924, John & Elizabeth Percy bought the property and worked on modernizing it by adding running water and electricity. Over the course of their 30 years of ownership, they made the family atmosphere that we have today. They had no experience running an inn, they simply enjoyed it. John was the one to chat up guests and sneak them alcohol during the prohibition while Elizabeth was doing the hard work. She was the one keeping track of staff, cleaning, and making sure every little thing ran smoothly. 

Our two matriarchs are the inspiration behind everyone who works at The Interlaken Inn now, but especially the women. Fun Fact: there are more women working at The Interlaken Inn than there are men. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Abigail Angelo – Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

  • Currently writing this blog post
  • Favorite food: cookie dough ice cream (specifically dairy-free ben & jerry’s)
  • Started at The Interlaken in August of 2021 at the front desk

Samantha Blick - Operations Director

  • Costco aficionado
  • Favorite food: sushi
  • Started at The Interlaken in July of 2021 as a wedding server.

Michelle Bousquet - HR & Chief Financial Officer

  • Always has a hot mug of Harney & Son’s Tea
  • Favorite food: warm chocolate chip cookies
  • Started at The Interlaken in 1992 at the front desk

Tori Bousquet - Wedding Coordinator 

  • Has to feed her horses before work
  • Favorite food: salmon
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2018 as a wedding coordinator

Vanessa Bousquet - Wedding Planner

  • Queen of decor and creating a cozy space
  • Favorite Food: mac and cheese
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2009 at the front desk.

Jodie Catalano - Events & Sales Coordinator

  • Busiest phone line in the whole place
  • Favorite Food: greek food
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2013 as the Event Coordinator.

Jennifer Ronzani - Accounting Manager

  • Loves to collect cups
  • Favorite food: pizza
  • Started at The Interlaken Inn in 2000 in Accounting.

Judy Schneider - Front Desk 

  • Known specifically as “sweet judy”
  • Favorite food: Tea Jams made by her son, Will!
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2014 in the laundry room.

Sara Smith - Front Desk Supervisor 

  • A nintendo-loving vegetarian
  • Favorite food: fruit
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2022 at the front desk.

Chrissie Tindall - Housekeeping Manager

  • Always brings the best dish to the potluck
  • Favorite food: pork belly tacos
  • Started at The Interlaken in 2001 as a housekeeper and returned in 2020 as housekeeping manager.

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