Plan Your Last Minute Wedding at The Interlaken Inn

The average couple plans their wedding at least 12 months in advance-but let's be honest, things haven't been "average" for years now. In this climate, we feel pretty lucky to be a small operation with the ability to be flexible and go with the ever ebbing flow. During our 2021 & 2022 wedding seasons, we had so many couples playing catch-up and scrambling to pull together their big day. That made us pretty good at making magic happen on the fly!

Now, it seems like that trend has slowed down and people are taking their time planning and enjoying the process more. So, here we are at an ebb in the flow, with open dates in July and August of this year. We are excited, because it gives us the opportunity to offer our gorgeous wedding venue to couples who are looking to plan something a last minute wedding at The Interlaken Inn.

To us, nothing is too last minute and we have all of the experience, knowledge, and resources to create the perfect wedding this summer. Our affable staff can't wait to meet you and help you create your dream wedding day, sooner than you think! Allow us to show you what your big day could look like in just a few months time:


A Bright & Fun Wedding

Some of our favorite vendors are noticing the same trend, and have the same dates available that we do. Our top florist, Country Gardeners Florist, makes magical displays custom to any vision! Kelly & Chris had a bright & fun August wedding with epic blooms by Jo and her team. Their weekend was very well planned and every detail was given energy and attention. This does take time to do, but the flowers truly brought everything to life, even with all of their details and planning.

A Simple & Romantic Wedding

Yannis Malevitis of YM Visuals has been photographing weddings on our property for years. We love how he always captures that atmosphere and people so well in his images. Yannis was the perfect fit for Kim & Joe's simple summer wedding. They got married on their own during the peak of the pandemic, then finally celebrated with their friends and family here at the Interlaken. . Their celebration was worth every moment of the wait to them and their guests, and was beautifully captured by Yannis. It was simple, but so romantic and effortless to put together!


Something that we love about being a small operation is that we have the ability to be flexible and work one on one with guests. So, not only do we have vendors ready to go, our affable staff will make it easy to plan your last minute wedding! So, contact our event coordinator, Jodie, today!

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