Winter Wedding Ideas: Planning a Winter Wonderland Wedding


If your love is unique like each fallen snowflake, a winter wedding is perfect for you. Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling and for you, wedding bells are ringing. 

Cool-weather and starry nights have all the makings of a romantic wedding! 

Before you plan your own winter wonderland, here are a few tips to make your winter wedding fabulous. 

Wear Winter Accessories

It is going to be cold outside, and it is important to keep warm. Wear winter accessories such as a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardie. Alternatively, opt for a long sleeve wedding dress. 

Invest in Velvet for the Guys

A fun winter accessory for the guys could include a velvet blazer. It is a nice thick fabric that will keep the guys warm, and it is also extremely trendy.

Don’t forget about Beauty Prep

Although chapped lips and dry skin is impossible to avoid, you can keep your lips moisturized until the wedding with a good face moisturizer. For the day of the wedding, keep chapstick in your clutch throughout the day. 

What to Wear Under Your Dress

Are you in store for an extremely cold wedding day? If so, don’t panic. You can always wear thick tights under your wedding dress and nobody will know! This also applies to your bridesmaids. Keep them warm too!

Consider Stylish Winter Footwear

Wear practical yet stylish footwear. Boots can be the perfect match for the bride and the bridesmaids for winter weddings, especially if rain is in the forecast. 

Glitz with Glitter

Keep things festive with glitter! The bride and bridesmaids will stand out with sequins or glitter on their dresses, and it will look wonderful in photos!

Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm

Don’t forget about your bridesmaids! Gift them a cover-up, such as a shawl on the day of your wedding. This is not only stylish but it is also a good way to keep everyone warm for photos. 

Provide Extra Travel Time

Unfortunately, bad weather typically means traffic. Allow for extra travel time for your ceremony. You don’t want people being late to your big day!

Have Just One Venue

Keep your ceremony and reception in one venue to reduce travel. If you are not able to keep it at one venue, make sure they are near each other. This will make transportation easier in case of bad weather. 

Add Candles for Romantic Vibes

As you probably know, it gets dark really early in the winter. Embrace it with lots of candles in both your ceremony and your reception. 

Play With Winter Wedding Colors

Embrace winter wedding colors with rich, warm tones such as berry red, burgundy, black, and gold. Add winter romance with lots of natural greenery or even a hint of tartan. 

Have a Coat Check

Designate someone at the reception to take coats and make sure they are kept safe. 

Keep Guests Warm 

Go out of your way to keep your guests warm. A hot drink on arrival is nice, or even blankets for the ceremony. 

Give Winter Wedding Favours

Give guests a winter wedding favor that is both cute and practical. Blankets or pashminas, sparklers, cookies, mulled wine species, candy canes or little bottles of Baileys are all cute options. 

Have Winter Cake Toppers

Get yourself a cute winter cake topper that is both subtle and memorable for you and your guests. 

Winter Venue Decor 

If your wedding venue has Christmas decorations, see if you are able to use them for your special day. 

Get a Photographer That Knows Timing

Due to the time of year, your photographer will need to adjust your photo schedule based on when the sun goes down. 

Keep Umbrellas Nearby

For cute outdoor wedding photographs, keep umbrellas nearby. They do not have to be fancy, oftentimes simple and black will get the job done.

Don’t Ruin Your Shoes

If you decide to wear heels, bring an extra set of shoes for your outdoor photos. You do not want to be sinking into mud or snow in your fancy shoes!

Keep Your Hands Warm

When your hands get cold they turn blue, and that is not a pretty look for your wedding photos. This is where hand warmers come in! Either buy some from Urban Outfitters or get crafty with some DIY hand warmers. 

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