The Pit Stop Track Team Building Program

This exciting new team building program at Lime Rock Park is offered exclusively by the Interlaken Inn.

It may be difficult to focus at your morning meeting at Interlaken, but work must be done before play. When your morning session at the Interlaken is over, our staff will deliver a deli lunch to each team as they begin to work on developing their Team Logo (also known as Livery) that will be placed on their race car and judged for neatness and creativity. There is one hour to complete this task – and that includes eating – so use your time wisely.

Track time starts at 1pm – but before you are allowed to hop in the Miata for a super-charged driving experience, certain ‘specs’ for all teams are required in order for you to move from Armchair Enthusiast to a Victory Lap Winner!

Teams gather for “Chalk Talk” in the Chalet. Instructions are given before you head to the ‘Pit Stop’. Pay attention as each missed detail will cost you points.

Time begins! You will have one hour to complete multiple tasks and photo requirements.

Crossed Sticks!
Halfway Done... Once the “Pit Stop” requirements are met let the total fun begin!

Hit the Autocross:

  1. Driving technique exercise - Autocross with instructor in street car. This is working on multitasking and following directions.
  2. Focus & precision exercise - Autocross 2 by themselves in race car. This is working on individual time performance and overcoming the obstacle course.
  3. Team Relay Race - Team 1 vs. Team 2. Best Team time wins, although points get deducted for any cones being hit or driving off the course. This is all about teamwork and the bond of experiencing something you never have done before.

Head to the Chalet for the debriefing!

Price per person: (8 person minimum)
$450 per person Monday through Friday; $525 per person Saturday and Sunday. (Includes Insurance and use of Miatas)

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